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Available for purchase digitally on Itunes, Amazon, and CDBaby. Hard copy will be available in June 2012. Please check for more back for more info!

Made possible with a generous grant from the Presser Foundation, this disc presents a unique program of 16th-century keyboard music from the Venetian orbit, recorded on three historic Italian keyboard instruments from the Benton Fletcher collection in London. The program features music that is unfortunately seldom heard by modern audiences,  and offers a fascinating glimpse in to the rich world of late 16th-century Italian music for plucked keyboard instruments. The fact that these works were recorded on instruments from the time period (meticulously maintained and restored) make this CD one-of-a-kind.

Audio Samples

Track Listings

1: Canzon francese deta Ie prens en gré a quattro voci [1605] Andrea Gabrieli di Clemens non Papa (ca. 1532 – 1585)
2: Passemezzo di nome anticho di Marco Facoli (RCM ms 2088) [1586] Marco Facoli (fl. late 16th-century)
3: Canzona Prima La Capriola [1584] Florentio Maschera (c. 1540 – c. 1548)
4: Canzon a 4 dita La Zambeccara [1592] Claudio Merulo (1533 – 1604)
5: Canzona Quinta La Maggia [1584] Florentio Maschera (c. 1540 – c. 1548)
6: Ung gai bergier (Crecquillon) [1599] intavolata da Simone Molinaro (c. 1570 – 1633)
7: Padoana dita La Paganina Facoli
8 : Pass’e mezo [1592] Giovanni Maria Radino
9: Gagliarda del ditto Pass’e mezzo [1592] Radino (fl. late 16th-century)
10 : Padoana Prima dita Marucina [1588] Facoli
11: Padoana Terza dita la Finetta [1588] Facoli
12: Un gai berger (Crecquillon) [1591] intavolata da Sperindio Bertoldo (c. 1530 – 1570)
13: Susanne un giour (Roland de Lassus) [1592] Merulo
14: Ricercar del Setttimo Tono [1595] Andrea Gabrieli
15: Canzon Francese deta Ung gai Berger (Crecquillon) [1605] Andrea Gabrieli